PRDC is a place to live for life – somewhere to call home. We provide residential care for those with severe mental and physical disabilities. With residents ranging in age from five to fifty-five, many have been with us from childhood into adulthood. Our goal at PRDC is to establish individualized programs for each resident that will grow with them, year-by-year allowing them increased functional capabilities and independence.

PRDC offers a team approach to residential care. With a physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, psychologist, and dietician as consultants, we are able to monitor the full progress of each resident. This team of professionals regularly sits down with nursing and administrative staff to develop comprehensive treatment and prevention plans which suit the needs of the individual. Everything is accessed, including independent living skills, communication skills, psychosocial functioning, cognitive skills, functional mobility, musculoskeletal alignment, gross and fine motor skills, nutritional needs, and general health. Goals are set for each resident and their progress is continually monitored by staff.