Christy Woods Sensory Garden

The Project

Chris Earnhardt, a boyscout in our Mount Pleasant Community, is working towards his Eagle Scout Badge. In order to accomplish this he has volunteered to build a sensory garden for our residents at our Christy Woods home. The entire project will be planned, supervised, and paid for by Chris. 

Chris first proposed the project back in September 2017, gaining approval from his troop leader, PRDC Executive Director, and finally his district or council advancement committee. The project was finally approved by all parties in November 2017.

Chris has been tirelessly working to raise funds for the project including getting some labor and materials donated. The projected was officially underway as of the last week of January 2018, with cement poured on the 31st. 

The total estimated cost of the project is $3,300 and will take 30-60 days to finish, weather permitting. 

The Garden

The garden will be located at our Christy Woods home. It will include a large cemented walkway through the middle of it to accomadate wheelchairs and multiple visitors. The walkway will be surrounded on all sides by various plants that play on some of our major senses: touch, smell, and sight, and sound. 

Chris has been working with Piedmont Landscaping to not only build the garden, but to pick appropriate plants for the senses that will thrive in North Carolina's climate. 

Some of the proposed plants are: Mint, Butterfly Plant, Wax Flowers, Toothache plant, and Lemon Grass.