Piedmont Residential Development Center

"...a place to live for life..."

About Us


What We Do

PRDC is a place to live for life – somewhere to call home. We are a non-profit that provides residential care for those with severe mental and physical disabilities. With residents ranging in age from five to fifty-five, many have been with us from childhood into adulthood. Our goal at PRDC is to establish individualized programs for each resident that will grow with them, year-by-year allowing them increased functional capabilities and independence.


Our History

Piedmont Residential Development Center opened its first home in April 1980. This home allowed mentally disabled children to remain in their community, close to their families. And because of the smaller, more home-like size, the care the children would receive would be more personalized than that at large state institutions where many of the children had lived previously.

In March 1984, PRDC expanded their care to adults, opening another five-bedroom home in Kannapolis. Today, Piedmont Residential Development Center operates four homes in Cabarrus County. In addition to its first location off of Highway 200, between Concord and Monroe, now called the Children’s Center.


Our Staff

Our residents are cared for by a professional group of staff, including a physical therapist, psychologist, doctor, dentist, social worker, dietician, and teacher. In addition, medical personnel are on-call 24 hours a day. 

Our team also includes an amazing group of volunteers that assist on a daily basis with all ranges of responsibilities.